9 Activities You Can Do in Banaue


Nine Activities You Can Do in Banaue Once The Lockdown Ends 

Given the current events that are driving fear and panic amongst us at the moment, it’s difficult to see light at the end of the tunnel and feel hopeful. The pandemic has serious effects on our daily routines including cancelling trips abroad, enjoying shopping at the malls and eating out… even the simple act of greeting someone hello now causes stress.

Times like these, our first instinct is to escape to a place where it’s safe to leave the vicinity and explore without worry. Taking a plane anywhere isn’t advisable so a road trip is the next best thing. Far away from the city is the province of Banaue where the air is fresh, the produce is pesticide-free and thoughts of viruses are a timeline away.

So what exactly can one do at the remote mountains? Lots!

Do as the Ifugaos and walk, walk, walk! The best way to experience all the grandeur the place has to offer is by foot so you don’t miss a thing. Invest in good hiking shoes, workout gear that allows you to breathe, a hat to protect you from the elements plus a sturdy bag to carry all the essentials and you’re set. Don’t forget to get a guide—your safety is what matters most, the locals are the best navigators when exploring. This is their turf after all!

If you’re not the sporty type or aren’t confident with your hiking skills, rent a van and see the sights from the roadside. Rice terraces are everywhere in Banaue, one simply has to stop and seek the view from time to time, with a guide to tell stories, anecdotes and ancient rituals that make it even more intriguing and interesting. You can even stop at town and eat at the end of the day.

Swim at the waterfalls
Tappiya falls in Batad is a treasure in itself. You’ll need to exert effort to see its grandeur but those who have been swear it’s worth it. Nestled between rice paddies, it provides the residents and their crops much needed sustenance while visitors can enjoy the serene flow and dip at the pool after a long hike. It’s the reward after a long journey you wouldn’t want to miss.

Dip in the hot spring
Bogyah hot spring in Hungduan is a popular destination for visitors who want to experience a “Jacuzzi” amongst the mountains. The naturally heated water provides comfort for weary muscles and joints, heals the mind and soul and provides a rare glimpse of the simple things that bring joy.

Bird watching
There is definitely no shortage of endemic birds to the region that birders will appreciate. One simply has to sit still, be quiet, listen and watch these magnificent creatures; best of all, it’s free!

If art is your escape there’s no better place to flex those muscles than the majestic sights of Banaue! Take your medium of choice to one of the viewpoints and get lost in the magic of your surroundings. Imagine the things you can produce!

A quiet place to quiet the mind is something everyone needs now. Take advantage of it while on holiday here.

Been procrastinating finishing that manuscript for a while? The serenity of Banaue is the perfect place to write and reflect with no distractions and vices that can get in the way.

Visit the museum at Banaue Heritage Hotel
Spend a few blissful hours getting lost in this space filled with artifacts from the Ifugao’s past. You won’t even notice the time pass as you peruse the many items and learn about their unique heritage while enjoying the cosy, homey space.

Stay safe, stay healthy and we will see you when it’s clear to travel once more!